Faith Fellowship

RE: Safe Practices Emphasis for Sunday 

Hey Everyone,

I want to ask for your help and understanding in emphasizing safe practices for us as we participate with in-person worship experiences. I believe we are all aware of the increase in the spread of the Covid 19 infections. This has lead to Gov. Abbott issuing an executive order that everyone should wear a mask while in public to protect from the spread of the virus. I am writing to you to ask for your help to personally observe safe practices and encourage everyone to embrace safe practices like wearing a face mask for the sake of others in our church family. My hope and prayer is this will allow for us to continue to meet in-person and feel safe as we do so.

Let me give you some updates for Sunday.

1. We have purchased and have 2 non-contact thermometers to check temperatures of our folks as they arrive on Sunday. For this Sunday, will ask for people to do so voluntarily for their own benefit and the benefit of others. I think it will be wise as we move forward to let people know this is going to required IF the virus continues to spread and we feel it in the best interest of everyone attending that we allow for temperature checks as we arrive. I know that for my work as a Chaplain, I am required to report my Temp daily. I have learned to accept this practice and that of wearing a face mask as part of being concerned for others safety. I would like to invite everyone to join me in safe practices for no other reason than that it might provide for someone else’s safety. We would all feel terrible if we had part in endangering someone’s life. Again, the goal is to allow us continue to meet in-person and feel safe as we do so.

2. We will ask everyone to where a face mask in our common areas of our church facilities in arriving and leaving. Once we are seated in the worship center and next to people of our family or we know, we can remove the mask for worship. But, let's wear the mask as we exist into common areas and leave together. 

These are proving to be days filled with uncertainty which require us all to embrace a new normal. Let’s seriously pray for one another. Let's please be guarded, wise and loving in our postings to social media. And let’s follow and commit to safe practices when we are together that will allow for us to continue to meet in-person and feel safe as we do so.

Hope to see you Sunday!🙏
God bless you!
Garry Jordan