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Faith Fellowship Baptist Church began in November of 1998. God led a strong group of faithful believers to begin a new church in Denison. These men and women and their families stepped out on faith to accomplish that which God had called them to do. They started meeting in what was the Kid's Klubhouse in the Midway Mall on November 15, 1998. God blessed their faithfulness and they purchased property on West Crawford Street in Denison on February 7, 1999.

The property was an old tennis club that had been closed for several years. The building had been vandalized, suffered fire damage and was neglected for some time. But, with a spirit of determination, a willingness to work, and a sense of God's purpose, they completely remodeled the building and turned it into the first phase of Faith Fellowship Baptist Church.

With the motto "Meeting Needs -- Mending Hearts," the church moved into the present facility on July 16, 2000. Today, we are still seeking what God want us to be. With that same spirit of determination, willingness to work and a sense of God's purpose, we continue to grow and to reach out to our community. We invite you to come join us as we reach out to Denison and the surrounding area.

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church is at home on the west side of Denison.  It is a bible driven church, with a simple approach of ministry to the whole family, youth, teens, young adults, adults, seniors and retirees – men, women, boys and girls, offering a variety of ministries to gain spiritual, financial and physical growth by building strong families, strong marriages, strong relationships and true moral values.

Our mission is to win souls for Christ, teach God’s Word and reach God’s people, rebuild and strengthen marriages and families, support missions and religiously educate our youth and teens, while developing self esteem, moral character, social interaction and educational excellence.

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